Bridging South Africa and new markets

Makhaya Art and Cultural development is South African company established to promote South Africa arts, culture, people and values in the international arena – beyond its borders. Connecting South Africa and new markets through innovative and attractive events. In that way, we are developing long term relations and South Africa permanent presence on these markets.

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“Keeping arts and culture alive” means being constantly innovative and creative, being informed and aware. Bearing in mind that we compete with the mass mayhem of global information and technology, the challenge is to make an impression. A deep impression.

Makhaya’s chosen strategy is to draw on the traditional cultural heritage and of a nation as an entry point. The creation of such presentations therefore challenges both performers/artists and audiences to examine and acknowledge their own deepest ancestral and subconscious roots. The objective being that self acceptance, subsequent understanding and acknowledgement of differing belief systems prepares a platform for mutual exchange and advancement.

The next approach is to place events, presentations, artists and performances in a new context. The creation of Africa Village, now launching year three (3) in Central/Eastern Europe, ‘fuses’ several elements of arts and culture into a village concept. In a 3-4 day event an intense, diverse and holistic experience of South Africa, past and present, is delivered.

Presenting South Africa’s excellence in excellent way

The value of Makhaya Arts and Cultural Development is seen as simultaneously realising three goals:

  1. the development of markets and individual growth for performers and artists
  2. the establishment and promotion of South Africa as a nation with great cultural identity, and 
  3. a platform from which many other business, education and tourism initiatives may be launched.

Makhaya Arts and Cultural Development is currently supported by the SA National Lottery Distribution Fund and continues to engage with government, Official and Business institutions, in furthering its objectives.

We look forward to welcoming you at one of our events, for further details please contact us.

Creating unforgettable experiences, building long term relationships!