The preparations for Moscow festival continue at full speed

Preparations for the 2012 Africa Village Moscow festival have already started. During the last visit to the city of Moscow, Russian capital, Makhaya delegation has concluded many agreements and started cooperation with large number of local partners from Russia.

One of the agreements was participation in ‘’EtnoMir’’ project. ‘’EtnoMir’’ is one of the largest cultural and educational tourist Russian centers, that is presenting the people, traditions and culture of many world nations. In order to demonstrate the diversity of our world, each country is presented through authentically recreated ethno-yard, which harmoniously accommodates ethnic buildings intended to be hotel, craft shops, museums, traditional cuisine restaurants, souvenir shops and other facilities, radiating flavor of traditional life. Africa Village team will contribute in this project to a better presentation of remarkable South Africa people and cultural heritage.

There is no doubt that Moscow festival will be a real spectacle. The preparations for the festival continue at full speed.